Feminist Rags was born to cultivate a community of powerful, informed, and courageous feminist voices who are dedicated to speaking their truth and living it, too. Sewn into the seams of every garment we craft is a commitment to raising awareness, fighting for integrity, and investing in charities and organizations that support women’s rights. At Feminist Rags we believe that actions define who we are, not just words.

Look great, speak your truth. And live it, too.


Above all, Feminist Rags is committed to:


Feminist Rags was built upon the promise to donate a portion of our profits to local charities and organizations that support women and their fundamental human rights. We are committed to donating 10% of our profits to a new charity every 3 months and no matter our profits are we donate a minimum of each $500 to each charity. Keeping in line with our commitment to raising awareness, we will feature these charities in our monthly newsletter so that everyone can learn about who they are and what they’re doing to make the world a better place.


Every item purchased from Feminist Rags is made-to-order and hand printed in the USA. This ensures that every garment is made just for you, and held to the highest standards before it is packaged with care and shipped with love.


assorted, though not random, words that refer to our customer service will replace these words that say nothing about our customer service. the length of said words should approximate the length of this paragraph which consists of assorted words that refer to our customer service. 


Through our apparel, blog, monthly newsletter, and social media tribe, we are committed to educating, informing, and celebrating the most valuable resource on earth: knowledge. There is a direct correlation between education and success, for both individuals and communities, so we are dedicated to learning, sharing, and growing our brain-spaces as much as humanly possible. We believe through education, awareness, and investment in ourselves and in our community: we can change the world. We can and we will.


Because we are fighting for social justice in a toxic and unbalanced society, we believe it is non-negotiable to maintain total transparency in who we are and in everything we do. Feminist Rags’ birth has been supported by (and thus, it is connected to) Expression Tees. Full disclosure: Expression Tees’ mission is to provide non-exclusitory apparel to humans of every size, shape, gender, color, and creed. Not all of their products speak our truth, but we respect their mission and their right to freedom of speech. Just as they respect ours.


Feminist Rags is not perfect and neither are the humans who run it. The main writers and creators of our content are two white, middle class, mostly heterosexual millennial women who have really great intentions, but also fully acknowledge that their white privilege severely limits their experience and probably gives them biases that they’re not even fully aware of.

We are dedicated to being intersectional, as open to opposing points of view as possible, and we will do our best to stay as educated, aware, and informed as possible. As we continue to learn and grow, we hope to bring in as many different feminist voices — of every gender, race, sexuality, etc. — to share their truth and continue to raise awareness and compassion within our community and the world.

We encourage you to contact us if you would like to collaborate, add your voice, cross-promote your like-minded efforts, be featured in our blog, or just to tell us what you think of Feminist Rags.

Our Staff


Here’s more about the two white, middle class, mostly heterosexual millennials we mentioned before.


Kenzie is a visual artist and writer originally from Utah and currently living in Pennsylvania, both her visual and written work revolves around the concepts of temporary intimacy, gender roles, and the female experience. She considers herself a budding activist for women’s rights and more specifically the rights of women working in the sex industry. When she’s not creating she’s spending time outside with her rescue pup Padron and tending to her garden.


Rachael is a writer and artist residing in beautiful Chester County, PA with her dog, Bernie, who is really more muppet than dog. Rachael has embarked on many life adventures, including working as a Theatre Artist for over a decade, living abroad in Newfoundland, and buying a manual car from someone on Craigslist, figuring she’d learn how to drive stick-shift on the way home. She enjoys soaking in nature, nourishing communities, and bubble baths.